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Legal Information


Legal Information

Acceptable Use

Sets out the responsibilities of customers who use Wide Networks services to do so in a lawful manner when using the internet, including any content which is published online or by email. It also sets out our responsibilities to comply with directions from regulatory and other law enforcement bodies.

Authorised Representatives

Details the steps required appoint an advocate or authorised 3rd Party to represent the customer to deal with Wide Networks on your behalf.

Complaints Handling

Outlines the instructions on how to lodge a complaint and details the complaint handling escalation procedure.

Copyright Information

Provides information on online copyright infringement and reporting. Also details the requirement to remove copyright materials from our servers on request from a copyright owner.

Critical Information Summaries

Provides a summary of important information on products. plans and services in a clear and concise way. It includes details such as pricing, contract periods and cancellation costs.

Customer Relationship Agreement

Provides information on the terms and conditions of our services and the details the customer's rights and obligations.

Financial Hardship

Wide Networks will work with the customer to help them respond to financial difficulty, whether temporary or long-term. We are committed to helping customers facing financial hardship maintain telecommunications access and working with them to find a sustainable solution. 

Hardware Warranty Information

A one year warranty is in place for all Customers that becomes active one month after the connection has been made.

Residential Pricing Schedule

The three residential home plans, contacts and further options are detailed here.

Privacy and Credit Reporting

Details how the personal information that Wide Networks holds is collected, used, shared and held.

TCP Code Information

The TCP Code is a code of conduct for the Telecommunications Industry in Australia. It also sets out a framework of code compliance and monitoring. It applies to all Carriage Service Providers in Australia, and is enforceable by the ACMA.

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